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I live in the Oklahoma City area, and I've often wondered if I am the only polymer clay addict around here. Until recently, I hadn't heard of any polymer clay classes in the area. I haven't seen polymer clay artists at the (admittedly few) craft shows I've been to. And there's not a polymer clay guild in Oklahoma. Still, I figured there must be at least a few other clayers in the state of Oklahoma. And since it would be cool to meet with folks to learn and share ideas, I started toying with the idea of starting a polymer clay guild.

Turns out I wasn't the only one toying with that idea. Last night, Mary posted to the clay-polymer Yahoo! group (an excellent group, by the way) that she was looking for Oklahomans interested in a Tulsa-area guild. She's already had a couple of positive responses -- but there were also a couple of people (including me) that responded they'd rather not drive all the way to Tulsa for meetings.

I've been looking at the National Polymer Clay Guild's tips on starting a new group... and it really sounds exciting. I would be happy to volunteer my house for meetings -- or if there are too many people for that, I'm sure we could find a community center or library with reasonable meeting fees. So I'm curious -- is there anyone else in the central Oklahoma area who would be interested in meeting to play with clay?

Leave a comment or contact me privately if you're interested...

Update 11/12/06: I've posted meeting info on the Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild web site.


Angela, I live outside Guthrie, Ok and am trying to get good a artdolls. I have alot of trouble with the armatures but am not to bad with the scuplting. If you get a group together where would it be or would it be online?Shirley

Shirley, We would plan to meet in person -- maybe once a month? The place isn't determined yet, though. I live in Yukon, and would be happy to have a small group at my home. But if there were a more convenient place to meet, that'd be great too. Depends on where folks are and where they'd like to meet. I look forward to seeing your art dolls, btw. Sculpting is something I'd really like to learn more about!

Angela, My daughter lives in Yukon, my house is up for sale and I am moving that way. This is neat. I
hope to hear more. My house would be big enough but way out in the middle of no where according to my kids.

Shirley, Sounds like we'll practically be neighbors! FYI, I hope to arrange a quick get-aquainted meeting sometime in the next couple of weeks -- maybe at the downtown OKC library, since it's centrally located...? I'll send an email so we can discuss times that work best.

I live in Norman, OK and have just started playing with polymer clay. I would love to meet/learn with you all!

Shanidy, Wonderful! I'm sure you'll love working with polymer clay. I hope to be getting something together very soon -- I'll keep you posted!

I am very interested in the guild. I have moved from OKC., but am still in the city about half the time. I am usually there Mon. am thru Thurs. pm every other week. Meetings in the evenings would work best for me. Also, handicap accessability would be important.

Good to hear from you, Gayle! You should have just received an email about setting up our first meeting. We'll certainly keep your scheduling & accessibility needs in mind. If there are others who can only meet on weekends, we might try alternating -- meeting on a weekend one month, & on a weeknight the next. Looking forward to talking to you more!

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