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This video goes along with my bamboo skewer polymer clay pen tutorial. The video is 6.5 minutes long, and it shows how to cover a bamboo skewer to make a polymer clay pen.


Great youtube video!

Glad you like it -- your Ben the Polymer Man blog is cute!

Great video! It's been awhile since I've visited and was thrilled to see you did a video. Has the instructional video bug bitten you?

Guess so, at least for a while there! Cleaned house for company, though, & I haven't done any more since -- it's a lot easier to sit down & do a video if the lights & camera are already all set up...

Glad you liked the video!

I was wondering if you have a certain diameter of the skewer, the ones I bought at Walmart for $1.08 seem skinnier than the ones your using here? I really haven't had any luck finding the bic pens, nor do any of my coworkers use those they use the G2

Krystal: Sorry, but I don't know what diameter the skewers were. I *think* I got mine at a local grocery store, probably a generic brand, but I don't have any left to look it up. You might check if your hardware store has any skewers/dowels that might be the right size. Good luck!

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