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Whether you're new to heat embossing, or just new to heat embossing on polymer clay, my latest video should help you get a handle on this stamping technique. The video runs about 7 1/2 minutes, and shows how to heat emboss on both baked and unbaked clay.

Here are photos of a couple of projects from the video — click the description to see a larger view:

In my next post (the final in the polymer clay rubber stamping series), I'll show you how to use heat embossing to make a unique polymer clay photo frame.

Posts in This Series:
  1. Rubber Stamping Basics for Polymer Clay
  2. Rubber Stamp Techniques for Polymer Clay
  3. How to Make a Rubber Stamped Coaster
  4. Video: How to Heat Emboss on Polymer Clay
  5. How to Make an Ultrasound Frame


I've nominated this blog for an award, if you'd like to display it. See http://rustybobbin.com/blog/ for the details.

Thanks so much for the nomination, Beth -- I'm so glad you've been enjoying making beads & buttons for your fabric creations!

I just found your site and was very disappointed to find most of the videos no longer available - especially "heat embossing on polymer clay",and the "coiled extruder beads". Are there any text instructions?

Hi Judy -- I'm glad you found the site! The videos are still available and are working fine here. Are you getting some sort of error message? You might try visiting my YouTube page directly to see if you can access them there: http://www.youtube.com/user/craftygoat

Where can I find the instructions to make the little jointed bears? I would so love to make some! Thanks!

Cindi, Do you mean the articulated bear I mentioned in this post? If so, it was a class at my guild - I don't think those instructions are available online.

As it turns out, Poly Clay Play has just announced they're doing a class on this topic. It's $45, and all the info is here: http://www.polyclayplay.com/Adventures/3Bears/

Thenk you Angela! I loved your blog! Thenk's for tutorial! I am from Moscou.

I just landed on this blog and I just have to tell you I am impressed! I love it and I'm going to try doing some of these. Since I've never worked with clay, I am wondering about the backing... is that done in a regular oven or a special one?
Thank you!
Come see my stuff some time!

Craft A Project: Yes, clay can be baked in a regular oven. Many people start by using their home oven, then buy a clay-dedicated toaster oven if they start doing a lot of claying. It's often suggested to take extra precautions when using your home oven -- things like enclosing the clay in a air-tight container while baking, using a vent to get rid of extra fumes, and cleaning the oven often. Personally, I use an inexpensive toaster oven that I bought second-hand.

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