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Abandoned Card, Before and After
Making a mistake is one thing that makes me want to give up on a craft project. But I've noticed that I also tend to abandon craft projects that are going really well. I'll get to a certain point and I'm happy with it... but if I don't have a clear vision for what the next step should be, I'll stop. I guess I'm afraid I'll mess it up.

I usually tell myself I'm just gonna leave it there for a couple of days and see if the perfect idea hits me. Ya know, divine inspiration. But after a couple of days pass, something more pressing comes along and it gets pushed to the side. And months later I find a pile of nice, promising half-finished works in the corner of the closet.

It doesn't matter how promising they were when I stopped working on them. They're still half-finished. And I suspect that finishing something -- even if it ends up being less-than-perfect -- is better for my inner artist than leaving it unfinished.

So here's an abandoned card I finished in honor of this week's challenge at Inspire Me Thursday. Their "Abandoned Art" theme served as a nice reminder that sometimes you need to get over the fear of future failure and just do something.

Any abandoned artwork in your closet? What caused you to abandon it -- a mistake you made, fear of messing it up, or something else? Leave me a comment -- or add your own entry to the Abandoned Art challenge.

Card materials: Stone Washed Denim-Basic Checks (Provo Craft); Denim Seams Printed Flat Paper (K&Company); Black & Cream Polkadot (Colorbok). Doodles Stamp & Design (All Night Media); Seasons of the Heart Set (D.O.T.S.). Blue fiber (Adornaments); polymer clay stars.


The restrictions for the pre-pre-sale are that you can not buy more than 50 books total from the general area (they say no more than 10 from any one category, but they are lax on that) and that you can only get 10 books from the collectors choice area (no more than 3 from one category). And you can shop a little before the sale starts on Friday, if you get there early enough. Its so worth it to Volunteer, but volunteer for Friday instead of Sat or Sun. Its a much easier shift. You are the one that I met tonight right? It was exciting to meet someone who recognized me from my blog. :)

Yep, that was me -- how cool that we ended up at your check-out table!

Thanks for the info -- and for your post about the pre-pre-sale. I ended up getting a decent selection of crafty magazines tonight, but we'll definitely have to sign up as volunteers next time.

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