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I just finished playing with clay for a couple of hours -- and I got paid to do it!

Sounds like a cheesy infomercial, doesn't it? But it's mostly true...

Back in October I came across a listing on the Polyform (maker of polymer clay products like Sculpey & Premo) web site. They were asking for product testers, so I shot off an email saying I was interested. They sent me a couple of surveys, which I filled out and returned -- one of them grudgingly since I don't care for companies asking my household income. After hearing nothing from them for several months, I finally got an email a few weeks ago informing me I'd been selected to participate in a clay product review.

While I don't think I'm allowed to share the specifics, I will say I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the clay. I made this and that, trying various techniques. It made me realize just how little time I allow myself just to play. I definitely need to change that.

It did take me longer than their estimated 1.5 hours to complete (almost twice that, actually) -- but that was because I was taking my time and enjoying myself. They will be "paying" survey respondents with some free products, plus an entry to win a cash prize -- nice thank you gifts for participating.

I don't know how often they do these, but if you're interested, check out their website for details (see the green box towards the bottom). Maybe you could get paid to play with clay too!


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Me, too!
I can't remember when I "signed up" to be a tester, it's been so long.
I was glad it was now, 'cause I LOVED the clay they sent. (I blogged about it, too!) I think I know what it was, and I can't wait to buy some and compare.
So... what colors did you get?

Great post, treasurefield! Looks like I got exactly the same colors as you -- and judging from your pic, I think we LOVED the same one! What fun, eh?

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