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I just wanted to let my local readers know that I'm doing a book signing to promote Polymer Clay 101 tomorrow (Saturday, February 19th) from 3-5 p.m. at Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City. This is part of their monthly New Ink Author Expo, where they highlight all the local authors who have new books.

This is a pretty casual event, so even if you already have the book, you can stop to chat or send along family or friends who might be interested in learning about polymer clay (or about the other local authors!). Folks can browse through the book and ask questions, plus they can see some of the actual projects I created for the book. The books will be available to purchase from the bookstore.

Full Circle Bookstore is on the first level of 50 Penn Place, which is at the corner of NW Expressway and Penn in Oklahoma City.

Hope to see ya there!


Congratulations on your book! Good luck at the signing.

Great blog! Really, I added it to favourities and I'm going to read all posts. You write in a great way, and your ideas of digerent ways of working with clay are amasing. I make some polymer clay jewellery too, but some things were totall disaster (eg. my faux ivory or leather were quite good unless i started to form them into particular shapes) ;)Could you also write something about transfers from paper without using liquid clay? I've tried it a few times, using regular inject printer and regular paper, but I managed nothing so far. Greetings from Poland and thanks for this unusual blog!

Thanks Wilczex! I show one way to do a transfer without using liquid clay here. (Check the comments for a few slight variations.) It requires a laser printer or toner copier. If you don't have access to those -- or if you just want to learn about some more transfer options -- you might be interested in the three ways of doing transfers shown in my book.

Thanks, France -- the signing was pretty fun. Great to hear from you again!

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