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The Makin's Ultimate Clay Extruder has a lot of nice features... but there is one nagging little problem. It squeaks as you turn the handle. Squeaks like a little mouse. It drives my dogs crazy!

Admittedly, it's not a big deal in the grand scope of things. But if the squeaking has started to grate on your nerves, here's a 5-minute fix to make your extruder squeak-free. Credit for this tip goes to my fellow guild member, April (aka Kreative Karma). Our guild meetings aren't quiet by any stretch of the imagination — but since she showed us this tip, I haven't heard a squeak!


Materials: Squeak-Free ExtruderHere's what you need to make your extruder squeak-free:
  • The extruder
  • WD-40
  • paper towels


  1. 2570449047_24cacd54c7_m.jpgFully extend the extruder's handle.
  2. Spraying Extruder with WD-40Spray WD-40 onto the exposed section of the handle and rub it around with your paper towel. Or, spray the paper towel, then use it to apply the WD-40 to the handle. Use paper towels to clean up any excess or over-spray.
  3. Enjoy your squeak-free extruder!

Since the handle doesn't come into contact with the clay (the plunger mechanism keeps them separated), you don't have to worry about the WD-40 mixing in with your clay. There's a chance you may need to repeat this every once in a while, but mine has stayed squeak-free since I first did it in early March.

Give it a try — your dogs will thank you!

Thanks again to April for letting me share her great tip here! This is the last post in my extruder series — so if you've got a favorite tip I missed, feel free to leave it in the comments.

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wd-40 is one of the best inventions ever.

I have gone through three Makin's extruders...they just don't hold up to every day use with all clays. I use all kinds of different clays day in and day out, and have found that the Makin's extruder wasn't designed for that kind of use. The owner of the company admitted it, and replaced two of my extruders...to no avail. I have since decided that I won't use Makin's until they prove their equipment is specifically made for every day use with other than their clay. I find using those little silver extruders with the modified caulk gun to be the best and easiest I've ever used...would trade my "gun" for anything!!

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Julie.

I heard a similar comment from someone who makes a LOT of canes and found that their Makins extruder didn't hold up well to that constant use. I haven't had any problems with my extruder holding up, but I'm not a power-user. I generally avoid caning, so I only use my extruder for the occasional border or decorative element.

I also prefer clays on the softer end of the scale (e.g., Premo, not Fimo Classic), which may be closer to the Makin's clay the extruder was designed for. It sounds like these usage differences may determine how well the Makin's works for a person. Glad you've found something that works well for you!

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