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Need some creative inspiration? Angeli from Confessions of a Chronic Crafter is doing some really neat things with her polymer clay embroidery (see more here).

It's not a quick project, mind you:

"180 stitches. 4 hours. Kept stitching till my hands and eyes hurt."

She cautions that the metallic threads are especially difficult to use with polymer clay — she even ended up with cuts on her fingers. But strong clay and strong threads are a must, she says, "or else it won't handle the stress from the stitching and pulling."

I can attest to that last part. I tried stitching a border around a polymer clay frame years ago, before I started using the stronger brands of clay. I ended up with disappointing breaks and tears. While Angeli doesn't specify how she did hers, I found that punching holes before baking, then sewing after baking worked best for me. I imagine that especially applies to the thick slabs of clay like she's using.

I love her stitched designs, especially the pattern on the leather-like piece in her second post. I also like her quote:

"Polymer clay embroidery is getting addicting. The possibilities are endless."

I so often feel that way about polymer clay techniques!

Have any of you attempted polymer clay stitching? I'd love to hear about your experiences — what worked and what didn't?

Oh, and thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my previous post. Sam is 2 weeks old today, and we're all doing well. There's so much to learn and do, and on so little sleep. (I've gained a new respect for all you mothers out there!) But it's been an really exhilarating time.

If you're interested in the latest photos, check out his Flickr set.


I've never heard of polymer clay stitching - wow! Such a cool idea!

But I do have to say one thing. I'm a beader, so when I read "It's not a quick project, mind you: 180 stitches. 4 hours" I had to chuckle. 4 hours?! Now that's my kind of project;-) (Some of my necklaces have taken weeks.)

Good point, Summer... "quick" is a relative term!

Hi! your blog is really amazing! thanks a lot for your tips! =P
We've been starting our adventure with fimo creations for about 1 year...now we have opened our website...come and see us(www.bbfimo.spotblog.com )!You'll be welcome! thanks a lot Angela! (sorry my English!I'm Italian!) =P

Angela, I love your blog. I just added it to my list of polymer clay blogs at PolymerClayChameleon.blogspot.com
Happy claying!

Thanks, Eugena! I've been enjoying all your recent finds on Polymer Clay Chameleon as well -- good work!

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