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I'm working on a few new goodies for you, but unfortunately none of them are Halloween-related. Since I hate to miss out on all the holiday fun, I thought I'd point my new readers to some Halloween projects from years past. Enjoy!

My Li'l Pumpkin PatchGreat Pumpkins:

Polymer Clay Candy Corns, Close-UpThe Official Candy of the Season:

Jar O' EyeballsSpookiness and Etcetera:

As far as news from here goes:

  • I just got back from a trip to Kansas City, where I got to take a day of classes with Christi Friesen. We made Art Nouveau Flowers in the morning class, and Steampunk Cats (and more!) in the afternoon class. CF was very enjoyable, as usual. I really admire the way she teaches classes: not only is she very open and sharing, but the way she interacts with her students is just, well, perfect. I wish I could be her when I grow up. ;-)
  • We took the little guy on his annual trip to the pumpkin patch, and have the ridiculously-cute photos to prove it. We are, however, struggling with Halloween costume ideas. The store-bought dinosaur costume we were gifted is not only too small, but it also elicits an adament "no" every time I bring it out (as do most other costumes I show him). Perhaps 20 months is a little young for dress-up?
  • I (finally) joined Facebook and created a page for my crafty goodies. Feel free to connect up if you're on Facebook.
  • I'm working on a website for Polymer Clay 101 (my book that's coming out in a couple of months). The site will soon include snippets of the DVD and even a sample project. I'll officially announce it once it's all ready... but here's a sneak peak!

Hope you're enjoying autumn wherever you are!

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