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Rubbing alcoholRemoving pasta machine streaks isn't the only thing rubbing alcohol is good for. Here are a few other handy ways to use isopropyl alcohol with polymer clay:

  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean your work surface and clay tools -- including pasta machines, clay molds, and paint brushes (after using liquid clay).
  • Spread rubbing alcohol over the back of your paper for a better image transfer.
  • Smooth alcohol lightly over clay before baking to help get rid of fingerprints.
  • Use baby wipes soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean clay residue (especially that pesky red!) off hands.
  • When making mosaics from baked tiles, use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to scrub liquid clay "grout" off the tiles before baking again.
  • Clean any greasy residue off baked clay before applying a glaze finish.

Sounds like rubbing alcohol has earned its spot on the craft room shelf... Can you think of other ways you've used rubbing alcohol with polymer clay?

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