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My craft desk is always pretty crowded... but it's absolutely overflowing now that I've moved all my "That's Clever" stuff back in. I've got at least a dozen projects from the show -- in various stages of completion -- that I don't quite have room for.

So I thought I'd do a little giveaway here. The winner will receive their choice of either a Mailbox Desk Set or a Poker Chip Coaster Set. There are two ways to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post, telling me what's on your craft desk.
  • Leave a relevant comment on any other post on this blog.

Leave your comments between now and Monday, May 28. Make sure to fill out the email address on the comment form, so I can contact you if you're the winner (don't worry, that field isn't published). I'll randomly select a commenter, then announce the winner on May 29th.

Good luck!


Lots of flowers and herbs in the midst of becoming 'something.'

I NEED to be working on floral arrangements and bouquets for my wedding on 07-07-07!

I love that little mailbox scene!!!!
Can't wait to see you on "That's Clever"!

I have a bunch of owl related things on the go for a swap on craftster as well as a patchwork quilt I've been working on for what feels like forever and a set of tab curtains that I'm fixing/adding stuff to.

Thanks for the comments, ladies!

Tamara: Best of luck on your wedding arrangements! I convinced my Mom that we could handle the dress, flowers & food for my wedding -- & even though it was a pretty small one, we definitely had our hands full! Hope yours goes well...

Treasurefield: Did you get your goodies from Polyform? I got mine -- but I haven't really played with anything yet. Hope they'll do another round or surveys soon!

Sharleen: I enjoyed looking through your blog -- those owls are looking great!

On my craft desk... there has been many cut out pictures. I am so into decoupage now. I think that you can portray anything in your art...as easy as cutting out pictures and glueing them!!! So EASY and so cool!

well....i don't wanna think about all the projects waiting fer me...pictures, i gotta get in albums, some ceramic elephants i need to get painted...etc, but i love having a nice choice-so when i sit down to craft--i can choose.....but it surely would be nice to clear out a few of em...hey--yer contest ranks rigfht up there with 'mom and apple pie' as an American tradition---so hurry and get it back, please.

Love all the jewlery on your site. The worn wooden beads are a treasure. On my dining room table are a number of things I need to either get finished or put away. Have been doing a lot of knitting, stamp collecting,and photos that need to be put into an album before I forget who the pictures are.Along with reading a book a week, flower and vegtable gardens, and surfing on the computer I keep busy. Also 4 grandchildren who stay with me several days a week. Love them all.

Hi. I have sooo many counted cross-stitch projects to do that it isn't even funny! I also have a large carton full of paper-craft projects to get at. Maybe some day I'll get around to doing them. Ha!

All of your various craft projects sound like so much fun!

Crystal: I really liked your comments about decoupage -- reminds me of some quick inspirational collages I've done. It's so easy to put together a piece that really has personal meaning.

Jackie: Well, I never knew my contest was right up there with apple pie... thanks!

Nyla: Sounds like you stay busy! Way to go on the book-a-week thing -- that's a wonderful goal!

Louise: I'm a big fan on cross-stitch. There's just something about the repetition and rhythm that's kinda meditative...

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for commenting. I'll let you know the contest winner soon!

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