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Glitter Poll Results: 64% Pro, 23% Anti, 14% OtherA few days ago, I asked your feelings on glitter: love it or hate it? And while the strongly-worded options may have influenced folks' answers, I think Laurel was onto something when she commented that people tend to be "vehement one way or the other about glitter." After 22 comments, here are the results:

  • Pro-Glitter: 14 comments (63.6%)
  • Anti-Glitter: 5 comments (22.7%)
  • On the Fence ("Love/Hate Relationship", etc.): 3 comments (13.6%)

Looks like I am in the minority, as a crafty "glitter-hater" -- but at least I'm not all by myself!

As for the drawing, the randomly-selected winners are:

  • Penni Jo for her pro-glitter comment: "All glitter has its own charm and place in the world."
  • Beth for her anti-glitter comment: "Add glue to the mix and it becomes a blob monster determined to get me! I can't handle it without it taking over every thing I own."

I'll be contacting the winning commenters shortly -- so if you're one of them, be sure to keep an eye on your email for instructions on receiving your prize.

If you haven't read through the comments yet, there's a lot of fun ones. My faves include these:

  • Dez likes the glitter cloud that rises up when she sits in her favorite chair.
  • Jenny's son was born with glitter on his head.
  • France mentions the difficulties of being taken seriously in a business meeting when you've got glitter on your face!

Thanks for all your great comments -- & for helping me get rid of those yucky old glitter bottles once & for all! :-)


Angela this is priceless information! Reminded me of the interview I heard with 'The Crafty Chica' on I think Craftcast, where she talks about the hundreds of different color combinations of glitter she owns and how she was currently addicted to glass glitter no thanks to Martha Stewart!

A day without glitter is like a day without sunshine! Thanks for the fun, Jenny at CraftTestDummies.com

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