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I'm going to be teaching a class on Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) at next Saturday's Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild meeting. I've participated in a few swaps & have several of my own ATCs — but I'd love to have a a few more examples to show the group. If any of you happen to have an ATC laying around, I would love to trade with you. My goal is to show the group a wide variety of ATC possibilities — so while polymer clay would be wonderful, other mediums would be great too.

My mailing address is here if you want to send something (be sure to include your mailing address so I can send one of mine to you).

I've posted a few of my cards in this set on Flickr. I plan to set these up to show which ones are available to trade — I'll let you know once I've got that set up. I'm sure I'll have a few more ATC posts before this is all over — I've really gotten hooked on making them!

Speaking of ATCs, if you hurry over to Jeanne's ART for the HEART blog, you could win one of hers. She'll be giving it away tomorrow to one of the commenters on her blog post.


Thank you for the note. I had not even read your complete message and sent you an email that I have one on the way tomorrow. Want to tell me your favorite colors and I'll pick one from this collection I have going here?

Awesome -- maybe some warm fall colors...? Or whatever you have handy -- I love all the cards you've been showing on your blog!

First, I love the title of your blog! Brings back the childhood memory of Billy Goat Gruff! he he he Crafty is inddeed a good world to describe the basic impact of a head-butting goat! he he he
I just adored your goat X-ing sign for it was simply original and I didnt even mind seeing it twice with different background lines. I really enjoyed your article about using eyelets in polymer clay jewelry pieces and I bought some eyelets at Jo-Ann Fabrics this weekend to try your tip out! Happy Labor Day weekend to your and yours Crafty Goat! Ciao! love,april blue

Thanks, April -- I was always a big Billy Goat Gruff fan too. :-) Good luck with the eyelets!

I've finally broken down and tried some polymer ATC's... well, at least the egg portion is clay. I'll be making up a few more to swap! Thanks for the inspiration, -Jenny at

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