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Lao embroidery, photo by Mimi_KPolymer Clay Central has announced the September 2007 Challenge theme: Cultural Design.

Here's a few ideas for cultural designs from around the world:

But there's more to cultural design than other cultures. What about folk art? Or pop culture? Think of all the soup can & cartoon character possibilities!

Mail your entries in by September 15, 2007, for a chance to win one of three prizes. Good luck!


There are also a few DVDs out there that relate to specific cultures (Dayle Doroshow's Provence and China workshops come to mind immediately). But I actually didn't come here to say that. I came here to tell you that you've been tagged: http://www.polkadotcreations.com/blog/?p=274

Thanks for the tip & the tag, Lisa. Hmmm... 8 things. I'm thinking!

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