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Miss me? Seems like I've been working day & night lately -- preparing for, executing & recovering from this past weekend's garage sale. All that stuff from my craft room clean-up had to go somewhere!

As I was sorting through & pricing items, I noticed some of the bottles of glitter I'd finally decided to get rid of. I've never been a big fan of glitter. Hubby & I specifically avoid buying glittery cards for each other. And if well-intentioned family members send such cards our way, we handle them by the corners, carefully, hoping to avoid any glitter "contamination." I have no idea, then, why I had several bottles of glittery stuff in my craft supplies.

One of the worst things about glitter, in my book, is that it sneaks into unbaked clay. Even in my mostly glitter-free house, I still manage to find specks now & then. And for some reason, they're completely invisible til after baking -- when suddenly that one little speck of glitter is all you can see! So I was a little surprised to find out at a recent polymer clay guild meeting that many of my fellow guild members are pro-glitter.

Apparently this whole glitter thing has become a big issue in the crafting world -- all in good fun, of course. Ellen DeGeneres wants to ban it. Crafters have staged pro-glitter rallies. It's election year, after all. We gotta debate the issues.

Do you love glitter or hate it?

Leave a comment letting me know how you feel. I'll randomly select two winners (one pro- & one anti-) to receive the items listed below (note: all supplies have been opened, but are almost completely full). One comment per person, please. Deadline is 11:59 p.m. CT on Saturday, May 3.

  • Glittery PrizePro-glitter prize:
    • Scribbles Glittering Golden Copper Fabric Writer
    • Stamp-n Stuff Copper Embossing Tinsel
    • Gold Ultra Fine Jewel Glitter
    • Ancient Gold Embossing Powder in Gilded Gold & Enchanted Gold.
  • Non-Glittery PrizeAnti-glitter prize:
    • Embossing Powder in Liquid Platinum, California Stucco, Cement & Gold
    • Pearl Ex Super Copper pigment
      (This is assuming the anti-glitter winner is okay with embossing powders, Pearl Ex powders, & other powdery shiny things that are not glitter. If not, I'll find something else from my craft stash to offer.)

Check back after the deadline for the results of this little informal poll, plus the names of the winners. Good luck!


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I love glitter! We have a saying around our house, "when a project just doesn't look complete...add glitter." This works especially well on school projects. If a little glitter happens to end up on me or a project, I consider it good luck :)

Oh my....anti-glitter. I had no idea so many crafters disliked glitter. Me...I love glitter and don't mind the fact that sometimes when I sit in my favorite chair, a cloud of glitter rises up. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but I LOVE glitter! You guys are aware of all the many luscious color it comes in right...these are just a few: http://www.nationalartcraft.com/images/sub-1425-02.jpg

On the other hand...I'm also addicted to mica and embossing powders ;)


I have a sister and nieces that love glitter, and sometimes we craft together, and well you can guess the rest. And you're right. That darned stuff doesn't show up until after you've baked the most gorgeous, matte, organic looking pendant, now sporting a magenta glitter speck ON THE FRONT! That does not sand out!

Being the live and let live type that I am, I wouldn't advocate a ban, but I sure don't want it in my house!


Anti for sure. If I'm within twenty feet of glitter it will find its way to my face, hands, hair...all over the place!

Oh I am VERY pro-glitter. I add it before baking, after baking, mix it into TLS, put it on (almost) everything. Glitter is MAGICAL. Glitter is fairy dust. Glitter holds wishes and dreams!

I think I qualify as anti glitter - I even use mica powders or mica clays rarely - and I've lovingly called glitter infested makeup and craft supplies the herpes of the craft / night club world.

My daughter however loves all things sparkly so I'm not able to avoid it completely since she lives and crafts in the same small apartment as me!

Are your kidding? TOTALLY pro-glitter. And I actually like it when a piece or two sneaks into a bead. It's like a little tiny surprise! And you shouldn't be surprised to hear that when my son was born, we found glitter on his head- in the hospital- when he was 3 hours old. It's a sign. (!) (OK, and I was doing last minute crafting before my water broke....)

Bling! Bling! A girl's gotta have bling & what makes a card bling is glitter. I love glitter!

You guys are all making me smile -- and Jenny, your story's too funny! Keep those comments coming...

Hi- Glitter is my favorite! Thanks for offering such nice giveaways! Hugs Kay

Anti- add glue to the mix and it becomes a blob monster determined to get me! I can't handle it without it taking over every thing I own..........

If you are or want to be a true stamper it's GLITTER all the way. Who wants to be a want-to-be stamper? Not me! I just figure the glitter that goes everywhere is part of my decorating. Thanks for a chance.

I guess I've never thought much about it. I love the looks of glitter, but must admit the one or two times I used it I just shook my head at all the glitter flying around me! I would have to say I am Pro Glitter!

Isn't it funny how people are so vehement one way or the other about glitter? It's sort of like...oh..maybe black licorice that way - you either love it or hate it! I'm definitely on the lovin' side! A year or so ago I picked up a 4-container set of green glitters, and it has colored my studio ever since - it makes me happy to spy all the little green twinklies everywhere!
A little touch of fantasy to the mundane - a good thing, if you ask me!

I love glitter! When I find a card seems to be missing something sometimes a little glitter goes a long way in making it all come together.

Absolutely anti-glitter. It gets everywhere and stays for years. I used it on my snowballs for Christmas and it is still floating around in my craft room.


I love glitter but in moderation. I love the look of glitter as an inclusion in translucent clay and then with a black and white transfer added to it, it looks great.

Congrats on getting organized, I still have more organizing to do.LOL

Life is short. Let's SPARKLE!! :)

Love Garage sales and glitter. ;-) Count me in. Thanks. Bling Bling and all that shines.

I am not a glitter lover, but...yes there is a but... sometimes Perl ex is used.

Muted glitter is that possible? Is there such a thing. It all depends on the project.

Well that's what I like and use.

Hi Angela, As a descendent of a genuine Eastern European Gypsy, I LOVE glitter!!!!! I prefer the micro polyester glitter, but all glitter has it's own charm and place in the world. As far as polymer clay goes, it can be a bit plain, but add a bit of pearl, gold, silver or copper to it, and wow, it's glitter at a microscopic level.
Put me down as a pro-glitter person.
Penni Jo

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter. I love the glitter pens by sakura and I use glitter on some of my projects, but all in all I'd rater emboss with sparkley embossing powder then use glitter unless it's glitter that's on chipboard.

Me, it's a love-hate relationship, which either puts me in both draws or disqualifies me!
When something needs glitter, nothing else will do! So Glitter is Good.

Glitter gets everywhere, even where you don't want it to (try to look serious at a meeting or something when you look like you took a shower in pixie dust!!).
So Glitter is BAD!

But which one is it "more" of, good or bad?? The jury is still out!

Fun debate! Love your blog!

Haha....I didn't realize there was such a debate, but this brought back memories of a phone call I once received when my 17 year old was in kindergarten...a grandma of a classmate was calling to ask what I thought of glitter and whether I thought the children should use it or not. Seems this woman was adamant about banning it for use in the classroom because it got all over, and she was afraid it could get into the children's eyes and mouth....she went on a campaign with other parents, but alas she fought a losing battle, however I think the teachers of this group of mostly boys, took it into their own hands and pared down the use of glitter from then on...lol...I however don't mind a little glitter to brighten up my life (just watch my eyes please...lol)
North Bay, Ontario

I think glitter is so neat. It is great for adding a touch of magic and shine. I like to use it on buttons, and angels wings. It makes things stand out, and is an eyecatcher. I wonder why people like to talk about things they really having to do with. It amazes me the contrast glitter can give to an object. You just have to be careful, and do the project somewhere that it won't come in contact with other craft items. I go outside in our garage and use glitter or out on the back porch. To me it is well worth it.

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