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Bottles of Hope News 9 StoryA local TV news channel just aired a story about the Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild's involvement in the Bottles of Hope program. Our Bottles of Hope Coordinator was actually the one interviewed, but you can see me in several background shots making my bottle. Check out their nicely-done feature story here (see Group Bottles Hope under Featured Videos).

This just goes to show that some shows that're filmed do eventually air! ;-)


you're having a baby?!!

i'm so out of everyone's loop. i'm really bad at that whole keeping up with people thing. guh! how exciting. i didn't find out til zeb was born that he was a boy, though. so due in feb, eh? that is amazing! our boys could be friends.

Don't feel bad, Leanna -- you've kinda been busy, what with having a baby of your own! Congrats on your little one and all the best to both of you...

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