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Those of you who have been following this blog for a long time might remember that back in May 2007, I filmed a segment for HGTV's That's Clever show. (Or, ya know, you might have forgotten, seeing as that was 2.5 years ago! A lot has happened. Whole babies have been conceived of & have practically started walking since then, just for example.)

After being fairly well convinced that HGTV would never get around to airing it, imagine my surprise to come across my episode listing on their site this week:

Ceramic Rocket Clock, Fused Glass Frame, Mailbox Desk Set, Poker Chip Coasters (Episode HCLVR-517)

Mary Burrows from Reno, Nevada creates a ceramic rocket clock, while Vicki Olson makes a superstar fused glass picture frame in Minneapolis. And, Angela Mabray of Yukon, Oklahoma creates a mailbox desk set and poker chip coasters.

January 19th is the big day, with an air time of 7:30 a.m. E/P.

I honestly have mixed feelings about this. I'm still a little excited about the whole being on TV thing, though I'm very nervous about how the episode turned out. (If you're familiar with the show, you know that sometimes the silliness can be a bit over the top.) But more than that, I've moved on as an artist. The stuff I submitted to the show was old work even then. Two plus years later, I've changed opinions on various materials and techniques. I suppose at the very least it'll be interesting to see just how much has changed.

So anyway, I just wanted to share the big news. I'll be sure to remind you a few days ahead of time so you can set your DVRs.

I just hope I won't be sorry I told everybody about it... :-)


Congratulations Angela! That is so funny though! Imagine them waiting this long to air it. Better late than never, I guess?! I don't know when it airs up here in Canada -- will have to check it out.

That's great Angela, I'm sure it will be wonderful. I know what you mean about the long wait...the segment a friend of mine taped a couple of years ago just aired in October.

They stopped airing the show completely for a long time - at least over here on the left coast. And now they show it at 4:30 am! But I dvr all of them, so I will look forward to yours!

Thanks for the comments, Laurel, Ronalyn, & Carolyn. Yeah, they stopped airing them for a while here too. A bit surprising, really. I know my whole extended family (bless their hearts) have been watching, or at least recording, That's Clever ever since my episode was recorded. Multiply that times 3 people per episode and however many episodes they've had sitting on their shelves all this time... and, well, that seems like it'd be incentive enough to air the shows. Of course, from what I've heard, craft shows don't bring in as much revenue as home repair/decor shows, so that may be part of it. Oh well. At least they're airing now!

Hi Angela,

I was filmed for That's Clever in April 2007. My episode finally aired on January 12, 2010. I'm happy with how it turned out. I've uploaded it to youtube and am making everyone I know watch it! If you're interested, you can get to the video through my blog: http://justaspotforjoanne.blogspot.com/
I'll be sure to catch your segment on the the 19th!

Hi Joanne, Just looked at your episode. Very cute -- love the pink poodles! Thanks for sharing.

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