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This video runs just under 8 minutes, and talks about the following:

  • Bottles of Hope history
  • Suggestions for finding bottles to cover
  • Bottle preparation
  • Bottle covering
  • Ideas for making your own Bottles of Hope

Not a big fan of videos? You might be more interested in this Bottle of Hope tutorial.


Great video... we sponsor several events in Dallas with our guild's BOH program and are looking to expand it in the upcoming year with challenges, etc. Nice to see others promoting the cause! This video would be a helpful resource for some of our beginning members. :)

Thanks, Laura. Our guild is just getting started on this, hoping to build up enough bottles for an event sometime this year. The challenges seem like a good idea -- I'll be eager to see how yours do. Another incentive our guild has considered is giving a gift certificate to whichever member donates the most Bottles of Hope in a year -- making it into a bit of a competition while also helping offset the member's clay costs.

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