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Wondering how we got the name Crafty Goat? Here's the latest CraftyGoat.com newsletter, which answers that question and more...

(Crafty Goat Newsletter - May 2006)

April Winner Announced

Jennifer Gersch of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, was the winner of April's monthly drawing at CraftyGoat.com. Jennifer won a Pixel Flower Necklace & Earrings Set. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Don't forget to enter our May drawing for a $25 Gift Certificate. Entry deadline is May 31st.

Why Crafty Goat?

A lot of people pause when they hear our business name for the first time -- and often they'll ask if there's a story behind the name.

It goes back to when I was graduating from college, trying to decide what to do with my life. I decided that instead of a normal job, I would be a self-sustaining farmer/rancher specializing in goats, rabbits, and earthworms. My parents weren't convinced, even though I made a spreadsheet with income and expenses. (In retrospect, I think my assumption that my only food costs would be Ramen and Kool-Aid may have alarmed them.) I went on to pursue more traditional income-generating methods, but the goat idea stuck with me. So when my husband and I were looking for a business name, it seemed important to incorporate goats somehow. Now we've got CraftyGoat.com, SmartGoat.com (a web design company), and GiftGoat.com (coming soon) -- a whole herd of goat web sites!

New This Month

Speaking of goats, here are the newest goat products available at CraftyGoat.com:

To see a list of all our goat-related products, just go to http://www.craftygoat.com/get/goat


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