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Just wanted to share links to a few things going on in the polymer clay community:

  • If you've checked out my Bottles of Hope tutorials & are ready to create some bottles of your own, you'll be interested in what the gals at Polymer Clay Productions are up to. They're starting a regular Bottles of Hope challenge, with a new theme each week (the first theme is "Spring"). It sounds like a fun way to practice creativity while building up lots of bottles to donate. Check out their post here. Right now they're looking for a name for it -- and they're giving away Make It Mine magazines for the top 3 suggestions.
  • I was pleased to read the National Polymer Clay Guild's take on the ownership debate. Specifically, I liked that:
    • They state up-front that they're not trying to police the community.
    • Their "Rules to Live By" seem thoughtful and considerate. To me, it's a welcome clarification of & expansion to their previous, more vague-seeming ethics statement.
  • I hated to see Jeanne Rhea's post about leaving polymer clay, as she's one of those people whose interesting directions appeal to & inspire me. Jeanne is selling off her polymer clay work on her Etsy site, so check that out. But also be sure to read her "moving on" post. It includes a wise quote from columnist Ellen Goodman that I think all of us need to be reminded of from time to time: that moving on (whether it's in art or life) doesn't negate the importance of your past experience. A beautiful message!

I hope you're having a wonderfully creative weekend!


Seredipidy ???
because a week before NPCG put up their statement, Parole de p√Ęte's blog and the French clayers have also written their statement about the same problem for them also.

Look it up here.

Thanks for the link, Louise. It's interesting to see how clayers around the world are dealing with these issues.

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